“To his credit, Turnquest has written a book that is not a sanitized biography of The Duke of Windsor but rather an incisive examination of a small but enormously important slice of the life of this notorious man, a former King of England….Sir Orville Turnquest, orator, top litigator and esteemed elder statesman as former Governor-General and head of state of The Bahamas, has shown the insight and courage to give his country and the world an extraordinary book about a man and a nation that converged at a critical time in global and Bahamian history.”                                                              
                                                Sir Sidney Poitier
                                                From the Foreword                                                           

“An insightful, informative piece and important addition to the literature of the development of The Bahamas…. Turnquest has produced an easy, readable history of the period, well-informed by his own personal experience as a young black, who overcame the absence of the opportunities gifted to the Duke of Windsor to become the Duke’s successor in the office of Governor General of an independent  Bahamas.”
                                                Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham
                                                Former Prime Minister of The Bahamas

“What a fascinating story!  This comprehensive, thoroughly-researched masterpiece deserves its place as the history/geography/social sciences text of high schools and colleges and in libraries throughout The Bahamas.  Its scope transcends The Bahamas, however, and would serve well the education of citizens of the British Commonwealth and the United States of America. With simple, yet powerful language the author has captured the essence of the life and times of the period factually, graphically and sensitively. A great read!”           
                                                Dame Ivy Dumont
                                                Former Governor General of The Bahamas

“The elements could not be more conducive to a fascinating read: a world at war, a sleepy but strategically-located British colony, a great love story, a former king as governor of a tiny colony, political intrigue, the beginning of social upheaval.  Sir Orville weaves all these elements together to produce a highly readable book, one that is bound to attract the attention of Bahamians and those interested in Bahamian history.”
                                                Sir Arthur Foulkes
                                                Former Governor General of The Bahamas
“Gems of history from Mount Fitzwilliam by Sir Orville.”
                                                Harry Oakes, Son of Sir Harry Oakes

“This is a story in a Bahamian context of the Duke of Windsor….However, of even greater interest is this book’s subplot: the life of the Bahamian people who lived back of the hill, but within a lifetime had crossed over the hill—and one of them, this book’s author, had like the Duke before him taken up residence in Mount Fitzwilliam, the official residence of the governor general of The Bahamas.”
                                                Eileen Carron
                                                Editor/Publisher, The Tribune

“Recently, I finished reading Sir Orville Turnquest’s What Manner of Man Is This? The Duke of Windsor’s Years In The Bahamas.  An inspiring book and superb view of Bahamian history as only a man of Sir Orville Turnquest’s distinguished, esteemed pilgrimage thru the Bahama’s enrichment could pen.”  ( Review)
                                                Ambassador J. Richard Blankenship
                                                Former Ambassador to The Bahamas

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