About Grant's Town Press

Grant’s Town Press is an independent publisher located in Nassau, The Bahamas.  The name was chosen to honour the birthplace of Sir Orville Turnquest whose book What Manner of Man Is This? The Duke of Windsor’s Years in The Bahamas Grant’s Town Press is proud to publish on December 5, 2016. 

In the book Sir Orville describes how, “…in those early days if you lived or hailed from an area like Grant’s Town, you were not only discriminated against as a black or coloured person, but you were also underprivileged, and stamped automatically with a badge of social inferiority and subservience.  Hence, one frequently was dismissed with the rhetorical condemnation, adapted from the age-old biblical question, ‘Can any good thing come out of Grant’s Town?’”

The answer is yes!  Sir Orville goes on to say, “Grant’s Town was once the mecca of future leaders, builders, educators, politicians, and business and professional people, as well as ordinary artisans and workers, all of whom lived there and developed the area as they established a fine record of black families and proud neighborhoods.”  Although the area is now troubled by many of society’s problems, Grant’s Town Press nevertheless respects its ongoing heritage as a fertile ground for providing The Bahamas with its most valued members of society. 

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